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Sounds of Things: A New Horizon for Creative Sound Expression

Sounds of Things: A New Horizon for Creative Sound Expression

Sound is a powerful yet underutilized medium for creativity and self-expression. In today’s visually-dominated world, the sense of hearing often takes a backseat. However, sound can evoke emotion, inspire imagination, and bring people together in profound ways. Sounds of Things aims to unlock the creative potential of sound by building the world’s first blockchain-based sound metaverse.

In this article, we will explore the limitations of current virtual worlds, introduce the Sounds of Things platform, and discuss how it enables new horizons for sound creation and collaboration. We will also examine the project’s tokenization model, roadmap, and the team’s motivation. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of how Sounds of Things is pioneering a new future for sound expression.

The Virtual Metaverse is Broken

While virtual worlds like Meta’s Horizons offer cutting-edge visual experiences, they also come with significant downsides. Trying to simulate reality through visuals alone results in an uncanny valley effect that leaves many users feeling isolated and disconnected. The technology also has major hardware requirements and accessibility issues.

More fundamentally, cramming brands and ads into these virtual spaces threatens to replicate the clutter and commercialization that has polluted the open internet. For the metaverse to truly unlock new creative possibilities, it requires a different approach. This is where Sounds of Things comes in.

Sounds of Things: A New Horizon for Creative Sound Expression

Sounds of Things is the world’s first blockchain-based sound metaverse. It provides a platform for creating, sharing, and monetizing audio content like soundscapes, Binaural beats, sound effects, and music. Users can collaborate to build immersive “Sound Villages” augmented by location-based sound.

Unlike visual metaverses, Sounds of Things technology is already viable on most devices. It taps into the primal power of sound to evoke emotion and bring people together, without isolating them from the real world. This prevents the platform from becoming cluttered with ads, keeping the focus on creativity.

How Sounds of Things Solves the Virtual Metaverse’s Problem

Sounds of Things solves many of the problems with current metaverse attempts through its innovative technology stack. It uses a combination of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IPFS, and other decentralized technologies to create a virtual world owned and controlled by its users.

The blockchain allows sound pieces to be minted as NFTs, enabling true ownership for creators. IPFS provides the storage infrastructure to house the audio files themselves in a decentralized way. Smart contracts automate transactions and collaboration between users.

Together, these technologies enable a virtual sound space that is not governed by any centralized entity. Users retain control over their creations and influence over the platform’s direction. This liberates audio creators and opens new horizons for expression.

The Potential Impact of Sounds of Things

The possibilities enabled by the Sounds of Things platform are immense. Here are just a few potential use cases:

  • Artists could collaborate to produce interactive, evolving sound art that listeners around the world can experience.
  • Brands could build immersive Sound Village augmented by location, bringing marketing into a new dimension.
  • Therapists could create personalized soundscapes to promote relaxation and healing for clients.
  • Educators could develop audio lessons that engage students’ imaginations and enhance learning.
  • Sound designers can monetize their sound effects and compositions like never before.
  • Companies can create a Sound Logo that will serve as the audio version of their brand identity.

These use cases only scratch the surface of what’s possible when sound creation is blockchain-based. Sounds of Things has the potential to revolutionize the creative industries.

Tokenization: The Key to Unlocking Creative Freedom

To incentivize creation and collaboration in its ecosystem, Sounds of Things features a proprietary token called Sound Token ($SOT) and Sound Coin ($SOC) — the tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to Sound Emotions, Sound Villages and soundtracks.

Users earn $SOT by actively participating on the platform, which unlocks additional capabilities. Some key benefits of tokenization include:

  • Creators get compensated when their work is shared and used. This provides a direct incentive for producing original sounds.
  • Tokens enable collective governance over the platform’s development, putting power in the hands of users.
  • By connecting sound design to blockchain technology, entirely new economic and collaboration models are possible.

Overall, tokenization provides the missing puzzle piece that will allow Sounds of Things to disrupt the creative industries and unlock radical new possibilities for audio creation.

The Future of Sounds of Things

The Sounds of Things platform is already live, but the team has bold plans to continue iterating and evolving its capabilities. Some key items on the roadmap include:

  • Growing the creator community through partnerships, hackathons, and other marketing initiatives
  • Developing SDKs to expand device and wearables compatibility
  • Implementing new collaboration workflows and sound spatialization features
  • Expanding the variety of audio NFTs and exploring multi-chain support
  • Collaborating with next-gen Blockchain protocols.

With such an ambitious roadmap and a clear vision, the Sounds of Things platform has enormous potential to shape the future of sound creation.

The Motivation Behind Sounds of Things

Sounds of Things aims to put control back in the hands of sound creators and communities. It is motivated by a vision of what’s possible when audio innovation is unchained from the constraints of the current paradigm.


Sounds of Things is an ambitious and visionary project that provides a much-needed alternative to mainstream metaverse attempts. By building the first user-owned, blockchain-based sound metaverse, Sounds of Things unlocks creative possibilities for audio innovators. Its team and community are motivated by a shared belief in sound’s power to bring people together and enable profound human experiences.

To learn more or get involved with shaping the future of sound, check out the Sounds of Things website and White Paper.

This is just the beginning of an exciting new paradigm for audio creation.