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The Anatomy of The Sound Village

The Anatomy of The Sound Village

Virtual real estate over physical real estate.

The Sound Village is an element that contributes significantly to SoundsOfThings being a metaverse. This feature leverages the potential of augmented reality (AR).

But what exactly is a Sound Village?

A sound village is a virtual real estate that is superimposed on a physical place on a map. You are more likely to have a sound village in a physical area with high traffic or concentration of human activity.

For example, a sound village is likely to be more active if it is situated on a busy street in a huge city than if it is in an area in a desolate desert. However, other factors might affect the level of activity in a sound village.

For example, an area might have a high population, but the activity in the sound village does not match because there is no reliable internet connection in the area.

How to access Sound Villages

An ordinary user accesses a sound village through a smart device with a global positioning system (GPS). Users can enter and leave different sound villages as they travel around.

Sound villages are an extra layer of what a destination can offer. For example, a traveler is likely to interact more intimately with the places they visit by listening to sounds accessible there.

The Purpose of Sound Village

Each Sound Emotion user uploads is tagged to a sound village they select. That means that Sound Emotion can only be consumed by someone in the physical location of the sound village.

Billboards in Sound Villages

The sound village is a socializing spot where users share and consume one another’s immersive audio content. It is also a virtual arena that offers businesses an opportunity to get localized brand visibility. The brands can own or rent the villages for this purpose.

Sound Village as an NFT

Every Sound Village is minted on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT). That makes it easy for individuals and brands in the metaverse to buy and sell them in the marketplace.

The value of the Sound Village is based on the traffic and human activity in the physical area, as well as the amount of content shared and the sentimental value of the content.

The sound village as real estate.

The Sound Village is both virtual and physical real estate. Initially, owners of the physical space have the right of first refusal. They can claim virtual real estate in the SoundsOfThings superimposed on their physical real estate.

It is only after they decline or do not show interest that other users in the metaverse can move in and claim the virtual real estate.