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Metaverse and Sound Therapy

Metaverse and Sound Therapy

How can the Metaverse take sound therapy to the next level?

It has been known for many years that sound can have therapeutic power. The ancient Greeks used it to cure mental illnesses.

In modern times, sound, and in particular music, has been used to improve both physical and emotional health. It is used to help with meditation, manage neurological disorders and improve relaxation.

Indeed, the primary reason we listen to and dance to music is that it has a soothing effect on our emotional being. Sound therapy can be in listening, singing, or dancing to music. It can also be music-induced meditating or even playing an instrument.

But it is not only composed sound that has therapeutic value to us. According to several studies, even random sounds from nature can have a huge impact on our mood.

For example, according to a study by researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School in England, we are more likely to have inward-focused attention when we listen to artificial sounds.

On the other hand, when we listen to sounds from nature, such as birds chirping, wind blowing, or a river flowing, we are likely to have external-focused attention at that moment.

Inward-focused attention often leads to worrying and ruminating, leading to increased depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, outward-focused attention has the opposite effect.

Giving sound therapy a new channel.

SoundsOfThings not only provides the tools for capturing and packaging great sound content, including those from nature, but it also offers an infrastructure for sharing it with others.

Even more importantly, it is an ecosystem designed to add value and share it with others.

Those who upload the content known as Sound Emotions are incentivized through votes by other users to produce even better content. The highly regarded pieces are turned into NFTs and traded on the market.

The users are incentivized to vote for the best content they come across through earning the SOT native coins. They can also set up Sound Villages and trade the NFT assets on the platform.

Indeed, users can create Sound Villages that hold content for therapeutic purposes.

For example, a quiet park can be turned into meditating area, and when someone is there, they can access and listen only to sound emotions designed for their therapeutic value.

The SoundsOfThings metaverse is the first to facilitate and monetize sound for therapy. The platform creates another channel through which experts in sound therapy can make their content more accessible and generate value for themselves.